Our Practice Areas

Population Health and Nutrition

Globally, the healthcare sector is witnessing rapid growth. Expanding the coverage of basic healthcare services to cope with emerging diseases continues to pose a major challenge across most developing countries.

Sambodhi's extensive experience, research and thought leadership has been helping businesses, governments, and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry to measure efficacy and efficiency of interventions using data-driven evidence for better policies.

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Energy and Climate Change

Addressing and adapting to climate change while transitioning to clean energy remain top priorities for communities and governments globally.

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals with in-depth sectoral knowledge to analyze risks and vulnerabilities and the underlying variables to better inform policy recommendations. We believe in co-creating solutions to improve clean energy access and energy efficiency.

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Water Sanitation and Hygiene

Over the last decade, there has been a concentrated thrust globally towards improving water and sanitation services, as well as basic hygiene practices.

Sambodhi supports these global efforts by using data and customized analytics to improve WASH initiatives and its outcomes. We work collaboratively with a wide range of organizations and professionals from multiple sectors, including communications, econometrics, life sciences, and technology— to develop cross-sector perspectives and solutions to address evolving challenges.

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Livelihoods, Skills and Natural Resources

Ensuring environmental sustainability while meeting the rising demand for food and natural resources remains a major global challenge.

At Sambodhi, we have developed tools and robust methodologies to work on assessing big development programmes and deriving insights and solutions. We have a successful track record of managing and delivering research across efforts continue to inform policy makers about solutions that catalyze growth as well as sustainability.

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Education and Skill

The 2030 Framework for Action seeks to develop and implement a focused, evidence‐based and dynamic monitoring and evaluation system to adequately meet the demands of the education sector.

Sambodhi offers a diverse suite of solutions that help clients across varying themes, such as adult literacy, early childhood care, school autonomy and youth and skills. We promote evidence‐based decision‐making that in turn ensure good governance and accountability.

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Development Finance

Development financial institutions (DFIs) are increasingly becoming important players in the development landscape. Sambodhi has a proven track-record of helping DFIs identify what works and what does not in policy design and implementation. We are committed to building an ecosystem for evidence-based policies that tackle critical issues on governance, development effectiveness and impact.

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Cross Cutting Areas

There is growing body of evidence which underlines how men, women and children and various smaller subsets, such as people with disabilities and/or ethnic minorities are vulnerable to conflicts, disasters and other man-made stresses, as well as how they mobilize different capacities to build their resilience. Ensuring every group's equal participation in governance processes, and their equal benefits from services, are preconditions for the achievement of inclusive and effective governance.

Adopting a differential lens helps to achieve a better understanding of the different experiences among different groups of people and also between individuals within those groups according to their age, ethnic origins or sexual orientation. We believe in focusing on project design through to implementation and then monitoring and evaluation while remaining sensitive to these aspects. This helps us explore and explain the influence that dynamics and social power relations have on project implementation and impacts.

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