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Dharmendra Chandurkar
Co-founder and Chief Knowledge Officer

Dharmendra Chandurkar, a co-founder of Sambodhi, is also its Chief Knowledge Officer. It's a position that reflects his long-standing interest in academia, especially in supporting social science research.

Dharmendra is the leading force behind Sambodhi's commitment and annual investment in research and professional development.

In his 15-year career, Dharmendra has straddled roles across academia and the development sector as a leader, professional trainer, and researcher. He has several publications and research papers to his credit. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Public Administration from Harvard University.

Kadambari Anantram
Vice President - Research and Advisory Services

A socio-economist by training, Kadambari has over 12 years of practitioner-research experience in natural resource sustainability, agriculture, education, and skilling space.

Kadambari's work has primarily involved combining grassroots research with quantitative and qualitative data analysis to design and evaluate programmes.

She has post-graduate degrees in Environment Economics and Development Studies from the University of Sussex and Sociology from the University of California, Riverside. Kadambari is also a recipient of the prestigious Chevening scholarship.

Kishor Purohit
Assistant Vice President - Business Development

Kishor Purohit is an Assistant Vice President - Business Development at Sambodhi. In his current role, he advises the organization on major partnerships, exploring and pursuing new opportunities.

With every new partnership, he gained insight that solidified his reputation as a go-to within the business development team.

Today, Kishor works like a champion of engagements, talking with clients, understanding their needs, and pulling in various subject matter specialists from around the vast Sambodhi network of consultants and experts.

Kultar Singh
Chief Executive Officer

Kultar Singh co-founded Sambodhi in 2005, guided by a belief that data-driven insights would be a valuable tool to help organizations and institutions change the way they make decisions.

An entrepreneur at heart and an expert on the use of data and evidence for decision-making, Kultar is also an avid writer and a passionate speaker.

As a monitoring and evaluation expert, he brings to Sambodhi a background of global thought leadership. This has successfully guided several pioneering research designs developed by the organization.

Nitin Sharma
Chief Strategy Officer

A co-founder of Sambodhi and its Chief Strategy Officer, Nitin Sharma, believes in driving institutional change through innovation, thought leadership, and effective strategies.

Nitin oversees Sambodhi's negotiations with governments and multi-lateral entities across the development sector globally.

Nitin also advises the training and capacity building division at Sambodhi. He has been part of the leadership team that has consolidated Sambodhi's position as a leading name in professional capacity building services.

Ramanshu Ganguly
Assistant Vice President - Research

Ramanshu Ganguly is an Assistant Vice President - Research at Sambodhi. He believes that tools and technology, when applied in the context of relationships surrounding them, can tackle the knottiest of problems.

At Sambodhi, Ramanshu's work revolves around conceptualizing socio-economic welfare measurement tools. He has worked extensively throughout South Asia.

He has more than 10 years of experience in driving evaluation studies in the domains of renewable energy, natural resource management, livelihoods, agriculture, and climate change.

Sudhanshu Malhotra
Vice President - Strategy and Partnerships

As a Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships, Sudhanshu drives strategic planning, global operations and shapes development initiatives across diverse markets.

He is one of Sambodhi's global faces and thrives on exploring new business models and ensuring that Sambodhi's clients and partners receive services of international standards.

He oversees the setting up of new systems and processes for effective client relationship management, project effectiveness, delivery excellence, quality assurance, and leadership development.

Sudhanshu has a master's from the London School of Economics and Political Science in Analysis Design and Management of Information Systems.

Swapnil Shekhar
Co-founder & Director

Swapnil Shekhar is Co-founder and Director at Sambodhi. With 20+ years of experience in international development, Swapnil leads Sambodhi’s vision of generating data and evidence-driven impact.

In addition to driving large-scale evaluations for global philanthropies, public sector, and development organizations, Swapnil also leads Sambodhi’s strategic and business direction.

Swapnil's leadership has been key in the transformation of Sambodhi into a fast-growing global enterprise. He is also a Rockefeller Foundation Global Fellow (2015).

Currently, he is steering Sambodhi’s latest venture in advanced analytics, aiming to promote data science and technology in the policy and development space.

Sabeena Mathayas
Vice President – Research & Advisory Services

As Vice President - Research & Advisory Services, Sabeena is responsible for steering and coordinating the technical aspects of Sambodhi's work in the area of education and skill.

Over the last 14 years, Sabeena has worked as a professor, policy researcher, and capacity development specialist for several projects such as ObamaCare’s MNSure Exchange, The Safe Harbor Law, and many more.

Sabeena is passionate about working at the forefront of Education Policies and Programs, Comparative International Education, Future of Work, Cyclical Economies, and Lifelong Learning.

She holds a Ph.D. in Education Policy and Administration from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Kezia Yonzon
Assistant Vice President – Research

As Assistant Vice President - Research, Kezia leads diverse project teams to deliver innovative research and advice clients working in Public Health, Education, and Livelihoods.

Kezia is passionate about data-driven decision-making and has successfully completed several studies in India, Cambodia, and Nepal.

With 8 years of experience, Kezia is the technical lead in designing and executing impact evaluations and applying mixed methods analytic approaches to inform policy decisions.

Abhishek Sharma
Assistant Vice President - Research

Driven by the belief that technology is instrumental in revolutionizing data collection and data-driven change, Abhishek has developed innovative techniques to measure the impact of large-scale programs.

As Assistant Vice President - Research, his role involves working at the forefront of research and evaluations to enable evidence-based decisions. He has worked extensively throughout South Asia.

In his career spanning over seven years, he has led numerous research and evaluations and has cross-sector experience in livelihoods, public health, renewable energy, education, and humanitarian response.

Anubrata Basu
Assistant Vice President - Research and Communication

As Assistant Vice President - Research and Communication, Anubrata works at the intersection of research and communication and helps translate information into insights.

Anubrata plays an active role in creating a values-based culture and deepening Sambodhi's global visibility. She is passionate about amplifying social impact by promoting evidence-based approaches.

She has extensive experience in program management, strategic communications, and international development throughout South Asia and East Africa, with a focus on gender, public health, and education.

Saikumar C. Bharamappanavara
Assistant Vice President - Research

Saikumar C. Bharamappanavara is an Assistant Vice President - Research at Sambodhi and has more than 10 years of experience in development and international research.

At Sambodhi, he captures data on social capital dimensions and fosters meaningful relationships with like-minded organizations.

Saikumar holds master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Ghent, Belgium, and the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. He has also been selected as German Young Ambassador.

Akashi Kaul
Assistant Vice President - Research

As Assistant Vice President - Research, Akashi plays a key role in setting the overall direction of high-impact interventions and building strategic partnerships with key stakeholders.

Akashi is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion and has extensive experience designing evaluation methodologies.

She has served on the board of Washington Evaluators and as the secretary of the Multiethnic Issues under the American Evaluation Association. She has a Ph.D. in Education Policy from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Biswaranjan Baraj
Assistant Vice President - Research

As Assistant Vice President – Research, Biswaranjan is at the frontline of developing and executing impactful projects and creating long-term strategic plans to enable evidence-informed decision-making.

Biswaranjan has extensive cross-sector experience in livelihood, rural and urban development, education, WASH, e-governance, and public policy.

In 2019-20, he was nominated to lead CSR, volunteering, and diversity and inclusion activities of Nielsen in South Asia, where he successfully demonstrated his leadership skills.

Core Team

Abishek R Nippani
Deputy Manager – Research
Aditya Andhansare
Deputy Manager - Public Health Practice
Aishwarya Sivaramakrishnan
Manager – Research
Aman Kumar Singh
Research Associate
Anisha Anson
Deputy Manager - Research
Anuradha Saigal
Deputy Manager - Research
Arshiya Bhutani
Deputy Manager – Research
Elizabeth Lyn
Deputy Manager - Research
Kaamila Patherya
Program Manager
Karan Mehta
Deputy Manager - Research
Lakshmi Soma
Deputy Manager - Research
Manmeet Kaur
Deputy Manager – Research
Navin Kumar
State MLE Manager – Research
Nishant Jain
Senior Manager - Research
Nitin Lokhande
Project Manager - MSRLM
Prachi Pravin Karkhanis
Research Manager
Priti Bharadwaj
Senior Consultant - Research
Priyadarshini Krishnaraj
Deputy Manager - Research
Rashi Agrawal
Research Consultant
Rishabh Bhattacharya
Deputy Manager - Research
Sadhana Gaur
Samridhi Khetrapal
Shikha Rana
Senior Manager - Research
Shreoshee Mukherjee
Manager - Research
Shubham Gupta
Manager - Research
Susmit Biswas
Deputy Manager - Research
Swati Palanivelu Vijaya
Senior Manager - Research
Tanushka Ojha
Manager - Research
Vaibhav srinivasan
Manager – Public Health Practice
Vinod K. Hariharan
Senior Manager - Research
Vivek Warade
Project Manager - POCRA
Zenia Taluja
Manager - Research

Human Resource and Operations

Shafique Ahmad Khan
Assistant Vice President – Field Operations

As Assistant Vice President - Field Operations at Sambodhi, Shafique plays a pivotal role in ensuring, improving, and escalating Sambodhi's field presence all over the world.

With a career spanning 25 years, Shafique brings deep experience in planning and executing regional and international field operations.

He is at the forefront of nurturing and evaluating our nimble field teams and supervising the collection of high-quality data sets from remote locations with near real-time efficiency.

Shruti Chaturvedi
Assistant Vice President - Human Resource

Shruti is an Assistant Vice President - Human Resource, and in this capacity, she leads growth, creates HR roadmaps, drives HR functions, and promotes culture-building at Sambodhi.

She firmly believes that human capital is the greatest asset of an organization and the key to success is in nurturing talent.

At Sambodhi, Shruti helps shape critical strategies/policies and has led an organization-wide transformation that has resulted in Sambodhi's strong talent pool.

Sudhiranjan Biswal
Assistant Vice President - Administration

Always committed to his team, Sudhiranjan Biswal, the Assistant Vice President - Administration, has his beliefs grounded in the notion of staying up to date with competitive approaches.

With a well-defined focus on leadership, he brings forth the most suitable corporate methods in planning, guiding, and implementing administrative activities at Sambodhi.

Sudhir has held the position of a leader in Administration for almost fifteen years, centered on driving business results by working at the intersection of strategy, performance, and culture.

Debjyoti Roy
Deputy Manager - Human Resources
Priyanka Joshi
Assistant Manager – Human Resources
Yashikaa Sikri
Assistant Manager – Training and HR Operation