• We enable data-driven decision-making
  • We build compelling narratives to catalyze action
  • We customize learning designs to deliver actionable insights

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Our Global Footprint

Experience spanning over
10 Countries

Research studies

Professionals trained

We deliver customized data-driven solutions across
multiple disciplines

Development Consulting and Technical Support

Our advisory services optimize programs and interventions while managing risks and maximizing strategic benefits for stakeholders.

Long-term MLE Support

We support large life-cycle projects by combining global learning with local understanding. We also ensure a strong focus on change management and effective communication.

Data Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

We deliver contextualized insights powered by advanced custom analytics.

Capacity Building and Training

Our expert trainers deliver a range of courses that ensure excellence, innovative thinking, and technical diligence.

Our Solutions

Impact Evaluation


Project Tracking and

Surveys and Assessments

Capacity Building

Program Design Advisory

Using an innovative approach to evidence measurement, we strive to offer the best of two worlds: the rigour of academic research and the agility and usability of real-time analytics

We continue to add on new names to the
global clique of leaders who we have partnered with.