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The programming and practice of development interventions has evolved significantly in the new millennium. The last decade has witnessed growing awareness among development practitioners to innovate and learn from experiences while adhering to the utmost levels of accountability and transparency. To facilitate and support this aim with focus on result, accountability and transparency, Sambodhi along with likeminded partners in the region has been working to promote use of latest techniques and methods in practice of research, monitoring and evaluation and programme support.

As part of our initiative to do so, we are following the dual strategy of “reaching in” to engage and build capacities of practitioners at South Asian and National level and “reaching out” to engage practitioners at state and grass root level through Conclave, workshop, seminar, roundtable and thematic clinic. A broad overview of the events successfully completed by sambodhi in recent years is mentioned below:

  • Roundtable conference on ‘Innovations in Measurement and Evaluation Approaches
  • Round-table Conference on WASH & Book launch of “Is it really clean? – Creating a WASH index”
  • Evaluation Conclave Building bridges : Use of Evaluation for decision making and policy influence
  • Impact Conclave- 2016
  • Roundtable on The Rise of Women Entrepreneurship in India
  • Roundtable on Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation of Decentralized Renewable Rural Energy Projects, New Delhi, 2014
  • The Evaluation Conclave: Evaluation for Development, Kathmandu, 2013
  • The Second Evaluation Conference: Evidence to Policy, New Delhi, 2011
  • ICT for Monitoring, Evaluation and Information Systems: Exploring New Frontiers, New Delhi, 2011
  • The Evaluation Conclave: Making Evaluations Matter, New Delhi, 2010
  • The First South Asian Evaluation Conference: Exploring New Frontiers, New Delhi, 2010