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Data-driven Decisions with Power BI



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January 15, 2023 - July 15, 2023 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

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Power BI is a comprehensive data analytics platform that sets the benchmark for a new generation of analytics. With its one-of-a-kind associative analytics engine, sophisticated AI, and high-performance cloud platform, you can empower everyone in your organization to make better decisions daily, resulting in a truly data-driven enterprise.

Power BI is for everyone – executives, decision-makers, analysts, and you. It enables any BI use case and allows users to freely search and explore to uncover insights that query-based BI tools can’t provide. Insight Advisor, your AI assistant in Power BI, instantly raises the data literacy of every user through insight generation, task automation, and search & natural-language interaction.

Power BI users will begin the course by gaining a conceptual understanding of the Power BI desktop application and the Power BI service. Learners will explore the Power BI interface while learning how to manage pages and understand the basics of visualizations. Learners will engage in numerous hands-on experiences to discover how to import, connect, clean, transform, and model their own data in the Power BI desktop application. Learners will investigate reports, learn about workspaces, and practice viewing, creating, and publishing reports to the Power BI service. Finally, learners will become proficient in the creation and utilization of dashboards.