Data Management with Excel for Effective Public Service Delivery (E4PSD)

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Data Management with Excel for Effective Public Service Delivery (E4PSD)



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January 15, 2023 - July 15, 2023 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

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With a global push towards evidence-based policy and data-driven decision-making, data management & analysis are now essential for effective public service delivery. However, despite the emphasis on data in the social sector, the absence of data architecture, and by extension, data capacities – at the individual, civil society, and governance ecosystems, severely impediment the use of data in assessing performance and making strategic decisions. There is a strong need to strengthen the data ecosystem & build capacities to enhance nationwide statistical capacities, i.e. a nation’s ability to collect, analyze & disseminate high-quality data about a nation’s population and economy.

Data capacities are expressed in the ability to collect relevant data that is accurate, manage & store data effectively to process data and analyze & visualize data for quick and effective decision-making. This course hopes to enable development actors – working in public delivery systems & social sector organizations to manage & analyze data through the entire course of an organization’s data cycle. As a common spreadsheet, MS Excel is a handy tool for managers to facilitate everyday data analysis. Professionals well-versed in MS Excel can greatly enhance the effectiveness of data-based analytics in a cost-efficient manner.

Professionals working in public service delivery, or social sector organizations will find this course useful to monitor program progress and support strategic decision-making. This course will enable professionals to understand data fundamentals, acquaint themselves with different data typologies, collect good quality & relevant data, and analyze, visualize, and report data to support organizations to enhance public service delivery.