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Social Welfare: Issues and Schemes

From fueling economic growth to empowering citizens, social welfare is the cornerstone of an equitable and compassionate society.


For change agents, championing social welfare is crucial, as it reflects their commitment to improving the well-being of all. By advocating inclusive policies and robust implementation, they not only foster an environment of empathy and equity but also cultivate a society that thrives on the principles of justice and equality.


Sambodhi is committed to empowering key government functionaries with knowledge and skills to shape a more inclusive society. Within this category, we explore a diverse range of modules, including -


  • Universal Health Coverage in Meghalaya
  • New Education Policy
  • Child Protection and Child Rights
  • Localization of Sustainable Development Goals in Meghalaya
  • The Dimensions of Social Marginalization
  • Law and Sixth Schedule: Its Relevance in the Context of North-East India

Analyzing and Accelerating Universal Health Coverage in Meghalaya

This module delves into the topic of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Course Facilitators

Dr Ali Mehdi

Global Health and Development Expert,

With a career spanning 18 years, Ali has conducted extensive research across 11 Indian states and 12 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Recently, he established the UHC360 Collaborative (https://uhc360.com/) to expedite the advancement of universal health coverage in low and middle-income countries.