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Planning & Public Policy

Planning and public policy are the bedrock of a well-informed and goal-oriented society. They are the guiding principles that enable governments and institutions to envision a brighter future, make informed decisions, and allocate resources effectively.


Sambodhi recognizes the pivotal role of training and the right skills in translating policies into impactful actions. To this end, Sambodhi is conducting training sessions in Meghalaya to help government officials navigate the intricate landscape of public policy and planning. The modules that are covered in this section are:


  • The Uniqueness of North-East India: Society, Culture, and Politics in the Context of Public Administration
  • Urban and Regional Planning in India: Experiences and the Future Directions
  • Governance and Law
  • Public Finance: What We Must Know
  • Gender, Gender Budgeting, and Inclusive Public Policy
  • Policy Analysis

Gender, Gender Budgeting, and Inclusive Public Policy

This module provides an advanced understanding of gender, the status of women, and inclusive public policy in the context of Meghalaya.

Course Facilitators

Enakshi Dutta

Development Consultant,

With over two decades of experience in the development sector, Enakshi has worked with a diverse range of national and international organizations. Her expertise lies in spearheading projects focused on critical areas such as gender equality, community institution building, livelihoods and employment, peacebuilding, emergency response, and disaster management.

Jennifer Liang

The Ant

Jennifer has dedicated nearly 25 years to the northeast region of India to drive positive change. A recipient of the prestigious Chevening Gurukul Scholarship in 2013 from the London School of Economics, Jennifer co-authored the book "Health Inequities in Conflict-affected Areas: Armed Violence, Survival and Post-Conflict Recovery in the Indo-Bhutan Borderlands."

Joy Grace Syiem

Program Manager - Capacity Building ,
Sambodhi Research and Communications Pvt. Ltd

With a wealth of experience spanning over 12 years, Joy is a stalwart Advocate for Women and Child Rights, operating on international, national, and regional fronts. Her multifaceted skills encompass roles as a trainer, researcher, and legal counsel, providing invaluable support to women in need of legal assistance.