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M&E and Research

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Research play a pivotal role in effective policy implementation and development. They are a powerful combination that ensures that government initiatives in Meghalaya are not only well-informed but also adaptable, responsive, and geared towards achieving the best possible outcomes for the community.


To help government officials step up their M&E and Research game, we're covering the following modules: 


  • Fundamentals of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning
  • Results-Based Frameworks, Impact Evaluation, and Basics of Sampling
  • Process Monitoring/Process Evaluation
  • Harnessing Administrative Data for Evidence-based Decision-making

Fundamentals of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

This module introduces the core concepts of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) within a project cycle to help participants design cost-effective and statistically robust evaluations.

Course Facilitators

Rajib Nandi

Vice President – Knowledge Management & Capacity Development,
Sambodhi Research and Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Rajib is a seasoned gender and capacity-building expert with over two decades of extensive experience in research and evaluation across diverse thematic areas. He co-founded the Evaluation Community of India (ECOI) and is Chairperson of the Community of Evaluators, South Asia.

Kezia Yonzon

Assistant Vice President - Research,
Sambodhi Research and Communications Pvt. Ltd.

A staunch advocate for data-driven decision-making, Kezia has successfully executed numerous studies in India, Cambodia, and Nepal. With a decade of experience, Kezia oversees designing and implementing impact evaluations and employing mixed methods analytic approaches to shape policy decisions.

Shikha Rana

Senior Manager - Research,
Sambodhi Research and Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Shikha brings a wealth of research and evaluation experience in the development sector, spanning several domains. Her portfolio includes leadership and assistance in projects related to Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, WASH, Child Rights, Sexual Abuse, Education, and Disability.