Sambodhi panel

Rapid consumer insights for empowered decision making 

An end-to-end survey platform delivering primary data insights to your most critical business questions directly from your target consumers


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Our panel architecture

What to expect from panels, and what not

Panels are very useful for perception mapping. However, it is not the best method to arrive at critical, statistical estimates of behaviourial outcomes. But, if the intention is to unearth a trend or establish a situation analysis in a given area or among a population group, panel research is a very good option as it can be done quickly, and at a much lower cost than standard face-to-face surveys.

Our model

Fixed longitudinal panels tend to suffer from the Hawthorne effect, which renders their outputs questionable. Our method is to have several baskets containing respondent pools of similar profiles (age/gender/occupation/location) and for every survey, randomly choose respondents from each basket basis of a quota for each profile mix. Through this method, we minimize the Hawthorne effect since the probability of the same respondent receiving a call multiple times during the year is improbable.

Our reach

Sambodhipanels already maintains a list of 185,000 curated phone numbers (and counting) across urban and rural India. The numbers cover all 8 Tier 1 cities, 48 Tier 2 cities, and over 100 Tier 3 cities (for urban), and 210 districts (for rural). The sample is spread across 22 states with dedicated callers across each state.

Our panel architecture

Panel representativeness

Age – 18 – 35 and 35+ to 60
Gender – Male, female
Occupations – 12 occupations classified into 3 broad categories equivalent to high, medium and low-income groups.

Hence the client can select from combinations based on :

In-house developed Survey and Analytics Application.

Used for panel management and for call allocation. Also used for data analysis and dashboarding at the back end.

Survey Point is a data collection and analytics platform built to revolutionize the way people use data to solve problems.

Survey Point goes beyond collecting data and helps people, businesses and organizations keep track of their projects and brand, test ideas, work collaboratively, and share learnings.