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Get rapid data directly from
households to optimize your

Getting hold of data is hard. Getting hold of data that is quick, statistically robust, affordable, and from the demand-side is even harder.

sambodhipanels makes life a little easier.

We help you tap critical data insights directly from households at rapid intervals, without breaking the bank.

Select a Panel.

Select respondents from over
30,000+ households cutting across
states, regions, demographic and
socio-economic profiles

Launch Surveys.

Create and launch surveys via
telephonic, app web-based
mediums and get responses in
near real-time

Get Insights.

Get data insights backed by
advanced Data Science & AI
supported by rich visualizations

Get answers to the most critical questions
from across focus areas

Public Health

“what are rural health-
seeking behaviors?”


“how many houses have
toilets with water supply?”


“how are income levels
fluctuating through the year?”


“what type of biofertilizer
are farmers using?”


“how much time are children
spending on tuitions?”


“what are the energy consumption
patterns in villages?”

Financial Inclusion

“how many houses are using
digital payments apps?”

Trend analysis

Image + pattern recognition

KABP studies

Data solutions at the
cutting-edge of advanced
Data Science and AI

and much more


User experience mapping

Consumer profiling

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