Process Evaluation of Dasra Adolescents Collaborative

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Process Evaluation of Dasra Adolescents Collaborative

Dasra Adolescents Collaborative aims to transform adolescents’ lives across health, education, and employability sectors. Dasra aimed to help India achieve its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through specific programs, four of which were implemented under this initiative in Jharkhand through various organizations. The project’s primary objectives included:

  • documenting critical activities within each intervention,
  • assessing each intervention’s implementation quality, and
  • developing an understanding of the interaction between the interventions and critical beneficiaries.

Sambodhi was engaged in the initiative as an evaluation agency. Sambodhi helped DASRA conduct a process evaluation of the four projects under the industry, which helped the program teams take some learnings back into the program delivery. Sambodhi also helped link processes and outcomes through a realist evaluation approach of “what works for whom under what context and how.” 

Sambodhi’s evaluation was conducted within a few blocks of six districts of Jharkhand based on where interventions were taking place. The task used a mixed-method multiple case study design and primarily a qualitative approach for data collection. The key indicators were analyzed using program MIS/internal data to triangulate the findings. The study used in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, and non-participant observations to capture indicator-level information on various aspects of the program. It also used the framework method to crystallize the information.