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We are measurement experts with a passion for making the world a better place. Every day we meet the rising demand for actionable data with a flair for innovation and improvisation.

The insights and solutions we provide help build a better world for our communities and our partners. We are advisors and knowledge partners to donors, governments and implementers as well as public and private sector organizations across the world.

Over the past decade, we have emerged as a pioneer in applying cutting-edge methodologies and advanced data tools to enable less complicated decision-making. We have researchers and specialists across a wide range of practice areas, including education, environment, livelihoods, public health and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) with a focus that cuts across gender equality, inclusion and resilience. We have successfully completed projects across the world and have offices in South Asia, South -East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.


We leverage our 16+ years of experience and expertise to create high-impact knowledge and create accountability in the public domain through data science and evidence-based solutions.
Through insights, factsheets, case studies and data dashboards, we help communicate what works and what does not in policy design and implementation.


Survey Point

From market research and consumer analytics to sustainable development, Sambodhi Survey Point enables you to discover insights, share learnings and drive forward actions and change.

Sambodhi Panels

An end-to-end product for rapid survey data collection and analysis, Sambodhi Panels uses longitudinal panels and remote data collection technologies to tap relevant intelligence directly from households.

Evaluation Observatory

We provide a social platform for the leaders of communities engaged in a new practice or initiative to discuss their experiences and insights with other communities. We are also building a repository of resources and opportunities for the communities.


Data impacts our lives more now than ever. In a world that is changing faster than ever, Sambodhi is pioneering efforts to leverage the power of data science and analytics to bring together communities and build a better, more sustainable world.

Through our integrated services – data analytics, MLE support and capacity building – as well as years of sectoral and methodological knowledge, we are helping our clients and partners deliver sustainable growth. With a close-knit team of 100+ professionals and an extensive network of consultants and experts, we are working continuously to transform lives, as well as economies, and drive change.

We are proud that our work enables policymakers to make decisions driven by evidence, help governments optimize interventions, and unlock critical insights for philanthropic organizations. We also empower civil society organizations to capitalize on seizing better opportunities, as well as nurture marginal communities so they can overcome risks and vulnerabilities.

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Frequently asked questions

We measure impact by comparing areas/beneficiaries that have received the treatment/intervention with non-intervened areas/beneficiaries and explaining the cause and effect relationships using robust evaluation designs and methodologies.

The objective and key research questions of the study are essential in determining the appropriate study design. Review and synthesis of the literature associated with the key research questions also help in finalizing the study designs.

Sample size estimation is governed by the study objectives, key research questions, and the study design. Depending upon the nature of the study, one can choose between qualitative or quantitative sampling.

Several factors determine the quality of data. It starts with recruiting the right investigators for the survey, training them well, conducting regular assessments as well as refresher training sessions if required. For quantitative assessments, it is advisable to use Computer Assisted Program Interface (CAPI) with in-built range checks and consistency checks.

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