For in depth understanding #

This book aims to enhance the application of participatory methods in development work. It is written for local people, communities and organizations in the government and non-government sectors involved in implementing and promoting participatory methods in rural development.

Published by SAGE publications, this book has in-depth discussions on various aspects of PRA. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the concept to aid students, teachers, researchers, NGO workers and donors.

Case Study #

Developed by FAO, this document records the methodologies to be employed in determining the situation, needs, constraints, motivation and opportunities for farmers and their households. It also presents the tools which can help researchers identifying deep-seated problems and opportunities that impact the pace of technology adaptation and transfer within the agricultural sector

Developed by the Meghalaya Basin Development Authority, this video guides practitioners on conducting PRA with the help of a community-led landscape management project.

Toolkits #

Developed by FAO, this web page provides guidance on various tools for conducting PRA, including key questions and steps for conducting PRA.

Prepared by National Institute Rural Development, this document guides the use of various tools for data collection and rapport building and data collection at the village level.

Further Reading #

Written by Robert Chambers, this paper reviews practical and theoretical questions raised on PRA and examines its approaches and methods based on the writer’s personal experience and judgement.

References: #

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