Our Solutions

Impact Evaluation

We have extensive experience in conducting impact evaluations of development interventions, using internationally acceptable, standardized methodologies. We also
customize study designs to fit diverse geographical and social contexts.


We help transform raw data into creative visualizations and actionable insights. Sambodhi has a dedicated in-house analytics team that helps clients understand and interpret data,
and build informative dashboards, insightful narratives and timely reports.

Project Tracking and Monitoring

Our global network of experts provide evidence-informed intelligence on project progress while ensuring compliance to international standards. We also develop bespoke solutions to help manage projects on time and within budgets.

Surveys and Assessments

We demystify 'difficult' data to make complex decision-making simpler. Our dedicated platform- Thesurveypoint, collects high-quality data sets from remote locations with almost real-time efficiency and transforms them into consolidated forms that can be easily accessed over a range of devices.

Capacity Building

Our training and mentoring courses and solutions are designed to help organizations and professionals develop and improve their skills and capabilities towards achieving
strategic goals.

Program Design Advisory

We provide critical inputs on programme design, such as on theory of change, programme variables and result- based management processes, that help achieve the best measurable performance under given constraints.