Process Monitoring of BRLPS under NRETP

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Process Monitoring of BRLPS under NRETP

Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society (BRLPS) received funding from the World Bank to implement the National Rural Economic Transformation Project (NRETP) in 18 districts of Bihar. The program focused on – scaling up value chain interventions, promoting organic clusters, expanding banking correspondent strategy, promoting non-farm-based enterprises, promoting skill development, and providing technical assistance for mission antyodaya. 

Sambodhi carried out a process monitoring mandate for BRLPS, which allowed program managers to make timely adjustments to a program’s operational processes by identifying bottlenecks and areas of improvement. The following deliverables were shared:

  1. Monthly progress reports for all 18 districts, each with district-wise information and a consolidated state report. Findings from the reports were disseminated in workshops with district and state teams.
  2. Quarterly synthesized reports and 25 documented best practice evidence were also shared in a case study format.
  3. Annual reports with learning notes – Findings from quarterly assessments were collated as annual reports. We planned a workshop with mission stakeholders to share annual report findings and two learning notes to enable evidence-based decision-making and improve implementation.

The exact steps involved in the concurrent process monitoring rounds are as follows:

  • Review of existing documents & stakeholder meetings to understand critical processes (Qualitative Enquiry)
  • Development of process maps for critical interventions (Narrative Process Documentation)
  • Development of process monitoring tools based on the process maps
  • Undertake concurrent field assessment of key intervention processes (Mixed-methods inquiry)
  • Diagnostic assessments to understand enablers and barriers in process adherence
  • Concurrent analysis to assess strength and fidelity of processes
  • Sharing of learnings from process monitoring with project stakeholders