Impact Assessment of Deepshala Project in Amreli, Gujarat

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Impact Assessment of Deepshala Project in Amreli, Gujarat

The AIF – Deepshala program is slated to be implemented in the Amreli district, Gujarat, across six blocks – Lathi, Amreli, Liliya, Savarkundla, Kunkavav, and Bagasara till 2026, with programming for Grades 9 and 10 starting in the program’s last two years. It is designed to provide evidence for policy-making with the help of critical partners contributing to various programming aspects. The major components of the eighty-six program schools are as follows:

  • Infrastructure support – hardware, software, and troubleshooting
  • Centralized training program for teachers and HMs 
  • Pedagogical intervention through content and training
  • STEM labs for practical application and science mela for sharing
  • Communication and outreach with all stakeholders
  • Government partnership and engagement for scale and replication
  • Remediation activities for the bottom 20% of performing students through Learning Improvement Groups (LIGs)

Sambodhi will be carrying out baseline, midline-1, midline-2, and endline surveys for the program from 2022 to 2026. The study will adopt a contribution analysis framework with a mixed method approach and quasi-experimental design with differences in the student, teacher, and headmaster level outcomes.

The tasks will involve finalizing research designs, indicators, sampling designs, questionnaires, and data collection. It will incorporate a component of in-depth discussions with key stakeholders and the community, including district officials. The findings will be synthesized, and the results will be submitted in a detailed report.