Global Evidence Review for Child Protection

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Global Evidence Review for Child Protection

CIFF has commissioned a Global Evidence Review on Child Protection (including India) to support practitioners, organizational leaders, policy developers, and research organizations. The program aims to provide direction at multiple levels of the service system to address child maltreatment in institutions. Additionally, it also aims at strategically informing the commissioning of future investments.

Sambodhi adopted systematic review, desk review, and policy analysis for Global Evidence Review. The study’s objectives were:

  • to develop a protocol on how best to conduct prevalence in child trafficking, child labor, and child sexual exploitation,
  • review child protection guidelines and performance indicators,
  • review the global prevalence of child abuse, missing cases, lack of child protection,
  • to understand the gap in evidence: how many children were missing or abused, how many of them were without child protection?
  • review supply chain interventions to understand possible gaps in evidence of where children were abused and forced into child labor, and
  • to understand what prevents children from being sexually abused or unsafe.