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Evaluation of work 4 progress

Work4Progress is a programme sponsored by la Caixa Foundation which aims to create employment in developing countries (Africa, Latin America, and India) through creation of platforms for innovative solutions. Under this initiative, Development Alternatives and la Caixa will launch an action and learning platform to scale up innovative enterprise and livelihood development solutions for boosting job creation in India and the rest of the world. The objectives of the assignment are as listed below:
1. Liberate entrepreneurial energies through social innovation
2. Strengthen the entrepreneur through a robust support system

The pilot program aims to adopt a multi-staged operational methodology: dialogue to develop multi-stakeholder and collaborative perspectives for programme development; co-creation to collaboratively develop socially and commercially relevant enterprise solutions for job creation; prototype to demonstrate (through action) the viability and sustainability of the identified solutions for acceleration at scale; learn to study project processes and results for transference of knowledge and learning from the programme. A two-pronged research framework is adopted involving a formative developmental
evaluation (DE) component and summative evaluation (SE) component, to answer the key questions:
• If and in what way have the processes been effective and relevant?
• What has the program achieved?

Developmental evaluation is one of the most integral part of the design phase in the programme and will continue to be the guiding framework for the project. To actualise DE, a theory of change of the program will be developed which is achievable and supported by all stakeholders, followed by episodic mixed-methods assessment through scoping visits. SE also adopts mixed-methods approach with a larger stress on quantitative techniques. This component adopts quasi-experimental design with counterfactual and difference-in-difference estimates. The component will also delve into identifying the social return the program.