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3rd Party Evaluation of ShaalaKosh Pilot (extended UDISE)

ShaalaKosh, an extended U-DISE, aims to create a unified value chain of information on Students, Teachers and Schools, covering the end-to-end lifecycles of these stakeholders. It aims to develop a platform that will be made available to states to facilitate data entry at school level. The Pilot attempt is to put a one-time effort in conceptualization of a platform which
evolves based on the requirements of every user, thereby ensuring all states benefit from a common technological approach.
The objective was to:
• To assess the design of the program and implementation strategy of the pilot for completeness, utility, robustness, suitability and sustainability
• 2. To technically audit the platform and its processes and identify any shortfalls, limitations and challenges
• 3. To assess the pilot viz a viz its utilization, performance (planned vs actual,
benchmark with other platforms), impact (stakeholders and beneficiaries),
sustainability and scalability
A cross-sectional design was adopted for the study. The evaluation followed a mixed-method approach with both quantitative and qualitative methods of enquiry. The collected data were analysed and triangulated respectively.