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PMP® Online Certification Training Course

We are the Authorized Premier Training Partner by Project Management Institute.

Our PMP® Certification Training Course was created to provide you with the best possible preparation for test success, with a money-back guarantee.

Our highly regarded PMP online certification training program at Sambodhi is here to support your success. You will have the knowledge and abilities required to pass the PMP test and succeed in your profession thanks to our knowledgeable educators and in-depth study resources. Take the first step toward your career objectives by joining us right now.

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New batch starting on June 10th, 2023
Weekend Batch, 10.00 am – 6.00 pm IST
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Who should take this course?

Project managers, team leaders, and anybody else engaged in project management should take this course. Professionals looking to improve their project management abilities and get the well renowned PMP certification may find it useful as well.

Curriculum for the PMP Certification Course:
  • Project Management: The fundamentals of project management are covered in this module, along with information on organizational structures, project life cycles, and project management procedures.


    Project Integration Management: This module discusses project integration management, covering the creation of project charters, plans, and schedules, as well as project execution and change management.


    Project Scope Management: This module addresses project scope management, which includes planning, defining, verifying, and controlling the project’s scope.


    Project Schedule Management: This module addresses project schedule management, which includes planning, developing, controlling, and performing critical path analysis on project schedules.


    Project management cost was a key element of the cost: Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Process Improvement are all topics covered in this module on project quality management.

    Resource Planning, Resource Allocation, Resource Leveling, and Team Development are all topics covered in this lesson on project resource management.


    Project Communication Management: This subject discusses stakeholder management, information sharing, performance reporting, and communication planning.


    Project Risk Management: This module addresses project risk management, including planning for risks, identifying risks, analyzing risks, determining how to respond to risks, and keeping track of and controlling risks.


    Project Procurement Management: This topic addresses project procurement management, which includes planning, soliciting, awarding, and administering purchases.


    Professional Responsibility: This topic discusses project management ethics and professional accountability.

Key features:
  • 35 PDUs or Contact Hours
  • Thorough course materials
  • Exam simulations and drill questions
  • Sessions of live online instruction
  • Instructor-led instruction from experts holding the PMP certification.
  • Application support for exams

You may benefit from taking Sambodhi’s PMP Certification Training Course by registering.


  • Improve your earning potential and professional opportunities.
  • Get acknowledged as a qualified project management specialist.
  • Boost your knowledge and abilities in project management.
  • Become a part of a worldwide project management community.
  • Improve your work output to make yourself more valuable to employers.

We at Sambodhi are dedicated to provide you the best PMP Certification Training Course possible. You will be well prepared to take and pass the PMP certification test thanks to our knowledgeable instructors and thorough course materials.


Take the first step toward becoming a certified project management expert by enrolling right now!

Why Choose Us:

Experienced Teachers: Our PMP certification course is taught by knowledgeable teachers who have years of project management expertise and are themselves qualified PMPs.


Complete Course Materials: Our course materials are created to cover every facet of the PMP exam, including the most recent exam format and curriculum.


Flexible Learning Options: To accommodate your schedule and learning preferences, we provide both in-person and online learning alternatives.


Test preparation: To assist you in preparing for the PMP exam, our course contains exam preparation material, including as sample examinations, exam-taking advice, and methods.


Affordable Pricing: Our PMP certification course is reasonably priced, making it available to professionals of all ranks.


Continued Education: Our course offers credits for continuing education that will help you keep your PMP certification current and remain on top of new project management techniques.


Recognition in the Industry: The PMP certification is generally regarded as the gold standard in project management, and our course will help you be ready to pass the test and get this priceless credential.

By the way, for those of you who don’t know it, PM stands for project management.


For those working in project management, PMP certification might be quite advantageous. Some benefits are as follows:


Professional advancement: Having a PMP certification might provide you an advantage over uncertified professionals and help you stand out in a crowded employment market. It may help you find new employment prospects and develop your project management career.


Increased earning potential: Obtaining a PMP certification may result in increased pay and better benefits. PMP certified workers make an average of 25% more than their non-certified counterparts, according to PMI’s Earning Power Salary Study.


Worldwide recognition: The project management profession regards and values the PMP certification on a global scale. It exhibits your skill and understanding of project management procedures, resources, and methods.


Professional credibility: Obtaining a PMP certification might help you become more reputable in your field. It displays your attention to upholding industry best practices and your passion to the project management profession.


Networking opportunities: Via PMI membership and regional chapter activities, your PMP certification may put you in touch with other qualified professionals. This might open networking doors for you and keep you informed of market trends and advancements.


Overall, obtaining a PMP certification may help people advance their careers and provide them a competitive edge in the project management field.

Skills You'll Get via Online PMP Training:

You will gain knowledge in project planning, including how to establish project scope, design work breakdown structures, and predict project costs and timelines.


Project Execution: You’ll discover how to carry out project plans, oversee and regulate project activities, and make adjustments as required.


Project Management and Control: You will learn how to manage project risks and problems, assess project performance, and update stakeholders on the status of the project.


Closing the Project: You will gain knowledge on how to wrap up projects, carry out post-project evaluations, and record and communicate lessons gained.


Leadership: You will gain knowledge on how to manage stakeholders, lead project teams, and communicate effectively with sponsors, clients, and other stakeholders.


Strategic Planning: You will learn how to identify and manage project dependencies, establish project portfolios, and align project objectives with corporate strategy.


You will gain knowledge about identifying, evaluating, and managing project risks as well as creating risk response plans.


You will gain knowledge in quality management, including how to do quality assurance and manage project quality.


You will gain knowledge on how to perform procurements, plan and manage project procurement, and manage supplier relationships.


You will learn how to use project management principles, tools, and procedures in real-world project management situations in addition to developing these essential abilities. You will have the information, abilities, and self-assurance required to pass the PMP test and be successful as a project management professional after finishing the online PMP program.

Questions about PMP® Certification

What is the PMP credential?

Project Management Professional is the abbreviation. The internationally renowned PMP certification certifies a project manager’s expertise, knowledge, and abilities in project management.


Why should I pursue PMP certification?

You may grow professionally, boost your earning potential, and show that you are an expert in project management by acquiring a PMP certification. Employers hold it in high respect, and it may provide new professional options.


What conditions must be met before becoming a certified PMP?

A secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or similar) and at least five years of project management experience, including 7,500 hours of project leading and directing, are requirements for PMP certification. A four-year degree, at least three years of project management experience, and 4,500 hours spent leading and managing projects are also acceptable alternatives.


What format is the PMP exam?

You have four hours to complete the 200 multiple-choice questions in the PMP test.


The PMP certification is good for how long?

The duration of a PMP certification is three years.


How much does the PMP certification test cost?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) charges $405 for members and $555 for non-members to take the PMP certification test.


What is the PMP exam’s passing score?

There is no set threshold for passing the PMP test. The degree of difficulty of the exam’s questions is what determines it.


How much time should be spent studying for the PMP exam?

The amount of time needed to study for the PMP test depends on the candidate’s background and study habits. The average person studies for the test for three to six months.


What PMP certification study resources are available?

For the PMP certification, there are several study resources accessible, like as study guides, practice tests, and online courses. The PMBOK manual is among the study resources that PMI also provides.


Is the PMP test available online?

You may take the PMP exam either in person or online at a Pearson VUE testing facility.


How often am I allowed to retake the PMP exam?

Upon the clearance of your application, you have one year to take the PMP test up to three times.


If I fail the PMP test, when can I retake it?

In order to retake the PMP test after failing it the first time, you must wait at least one month.


What will happen if I fail the PMP exam?

During a year of the acceptance of your application, you may repeat the PMP test up to two more times if you do not pass the first time.


Does a PMP certification need professional experience?

The PMP certification does really need job experience. To qualify for the certification, you must have 3-5 years of project management experience.


Can I become a PMP without having a bachelor’s degree?

Without a bachelor’s degree, you may apply for the PMP certification, but you’ll need to have more project management experience.


What is the procedure for renewing a PMP certification?

Every three years, you must get 60 PDUs in order to maintain your PMP certification.


How many PDUs (professional development units) are needed to renew a PMP certification?

Every three years, you must get 60 PDUs to maintain your PMP certification.


What advantages come with PMP certification?

Your income potential might go up if you get a PMP certification, and you’ll also have more options to further your profession.


Does getting a PMP help me progress professionally?

The PMP certification may undoubtedly aid in job advancement. It is a worldwide recognized credential in the area of project management and is highly regarded. You may become a great addition to any firm if you can lead and manage projects with the knowledge and abilities necessary.


Does getting a PMP help me progress professionally?

The PMP certification may undoubtedly aid in job advancement. It is a worldwide recognized credential in the area of project management and is highly regarded. You may become a great addition to any firm if you can lead and manage projects with the knowledge and abilities necessary.

Week 1: Module 1 1 Week
Introduction to Project Management 1 Week
Agile Fundamentals
Week 2: Module 2 2 Week
Starting the Project
Week 3: Module 3 3 Weeks
Doing the Work
Week 4: Module 4 4 Week
Keeping the Team on Track
Module 5 5 Week
Keeping the Business in Mind

Course Fee

 INR 10999 + GST

New batch starting on Jun 10, 2023

Weekend Batch, 10.00 am – 1.30 pm IST

Total Seats: 30

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Certificate Course:

Upon completion of course modules and capstone, students will be awarded a course completion certificate

Course Convenor
Mahima Taneja

Mahima Taneja

Senior Manager - Research

Expertise: feminist evaluation, capacity building, WASH, public health, urban development

Mahima has 8+ years of experience in conducting qualitative research, mixed-methods evaluations, exploratory and formative studies across multiple domains.

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