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19 Aug
Quantile Regression 
Quantile Regression 

Quantile regression is a popular regression model used extensively to assess treatment heterogeneity.

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14 Aug
Youth Day
The Modern Day Youth: A Post-Pandemic Generation that Joined the Workforce from Home

The suffering that COVID-19 wreaked on millions of lives everywhere is lost on no one.

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11 Aug
Machine Learning: Classification and Application
Machine Learning: Classification and Application

Today, not just humans but also computers, mobile phones, and other technologies generate abundant data.

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07 Aug
Breastfeeding Week
Ensuring Early Initiation of Breastfeeding to Save lives

Early initiation of breastfeeding goes a long way to improving an infant’s and mother’s health and reducing the risk of mortality.

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02 Aug
Survey Methods
Survey Methods: Types and Uses in Social Sector 

Online surveys had become a crucial research tool during the COVID and post-COVID eras when conventional survey methodologies posed substantial difficulties.

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29 Jul
Structured and Unstructured Data
Structured and Unstructured Data: The Concept and Analytics 

Data of distinct types and natures surround us, and this variety in structure gives data its richness.

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25 Jul
Data Mining
Data Mining: The Concept, Steps, and Application

Data mining is the finding, sorting, and analyzing large datasets to find valuable information.

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21 Jul
generalized estimating equations
Generalized Estimating Equations: Concept and Application 

The GEE can be used to analyze longitudinal data, repeat measurements, or clustered observations.

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19 Jul
Types of Analytics
Types of Analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Prescriptive, and Predictive Analytics 

In the data science world, you hear the terms descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, or diagnostic analytics.

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