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Training Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation Basics for Development Practitioners - Cambodia

    This Training on M&E aims to demystify and dejargonize the subject for professionals working at the cutting edge of development. Specifically, the training aims to

  • Provide conceptual clarity and facilitate better understanding of monitoring and evaluation
  • Enhance knowledge of key considerations in design and implementation of monitoring systems
  • Augment of the knowledge fundamental tenets and practical aspects of impact evaluation

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Training Workshop on Data Management & Analysis using MS-Excel

Training Aims

    The overall aims of the programme are to:

  • Develop shared understanding of the fundamentals of data and data analysis
  • Develop skills for using various MS-Excel functions for undertaking basic and advanced data analysis.
  • Develop skills to understand what type of analysis is used in which circumstances in MS-Excel
  • Develop skills for effective presentation and visualisation of data in MS-Excel.

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Training Workshop on Basic and Advanced Data Analysis using SPSS

Training Aims

    The programme aims to:
  • Develop better understanding of basic concepts of statistics
  • Provide overview of computer assisted data analysis
  • Develop requisite skills to bring-in and transform data using SPSS
  • Enhance knowledge and develop skill for performing appropriate analyses
  • Augment knowledge for interpretation and presentation of analyses

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Impact Conclave -2017

The Impact Conclave Initiative is approach that intentionally seeks to support developmental goals by bringing added clarity to the development planning and implementation processes, by identifying priority policies and activities at various stages of the development continuum, by helping plan, and execute the many activities needed to ensure successful launch and scale of these initiatives and by aiding the harvesting of valuable insights from these pursuits. This Initiative also looks forward to curate and disseminate wisdom, expertise and perspectives from key stakeholders of the development sector and subsequently, help register a positive impact for billions of our people.

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