Customised Programme

We work with you to customize the programme to suit the exact training needs and requirements of your organization. We design to help individuals and businesses compete in today's fast paced market by providing them with up-to-date skills and certifications. We offer a wide range of programmes with flexible schedules at an excellent value, all taught by some of the best professionals in business and industry. To make sure we really understand your requirements, we have developed a unique six step approach to meet your learning needs.

Our Approach and steps

All the modules designed by us have the dynamism to be customized keeping in perspective the nature of participants and their aspirations. We follow the following steps for finalizing a module:

Analyzing Requirements

Helping the target group in determining their requirements visá-vis their existing skill levels

Finalizing Training Needs

Designing the training programme and estimate the commercial

Scheduling Training

Scheduling and booking the event

Executing  Training

Training delivery though experienced trainers and best-fit pedagogy

Evaluating Post-training

Providing feedback to assess the effectiveness

Supporting Post-training

Providing unlimited lifetime access to the trainer through email and telephone for any help, guidance or advice