Classroom Courses

Sambodhi offers cutting edge, next generational classroom training, certificate and executive programme focusing on knowledge delivery and creating maximum value for the participants. Our trainings are guided by the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) approach which defines performance as a function of knowledge and skill. It also recognizes that change is a long-term process and in short-duration training modifications can only be for knowledge and skills.

When this performance can be achieved through training or the performance is associated with knowledge and skills, the first step is to analyze the training needs: the gap in knowledge and skills. Based on the identified needs, a training programme is designed and then implemented. Upon implementation, it is necessary to evaluate the transfer of knowledge and skills so that the desired performance is achieved. Besides, each training programme is designed keeping in mind the changing business scenario and potential career opportunities.

We, at Sambodhi, offer an ideal forum for different participants from diverse fields and backgrounds to interact, share and build emerging areas of knowledge. We have consistently shunned one idea in training: One size fits all. Each training module is customized in order to make the knowledge offering in-sync with the best practices in respective fields.


Our endeavour is to enable and empower budding managers tackle the diverse challenges brought forth by an active business context. Our class room courses are targeted at intelligent, inquisitive and industrious minds striving for professional excellence and eager to invest in knowledge building and capacity development. Built around the principle of ' train hard, fight easy', our courses, by design, address the big picture issues of building thought leadership and professional rigour.