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The South Asian Journal of Evaluation in Practice is the first of its kind with a focus on practice of evaluations in the South Asian region. It has been promoted as an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal which solicits contributions from academicians as well as practitioners on research and evaluation in South Asia. Since its inception, the journal, has contributed significantly to enhance and update knowledge of theorists, practitioners and users to contribute to better delivery of development results through evaluations. The journal includes:

  • Full length papers on research and practice of evaluation in South Asia
  • Articles on theory, practice and use of evaluation in the regional context
  • Book reviews relevant to evaluation practice in South Asia

The current issue of the South Asian Journal of Evaluation in Practice encapsulates various studies on Evaluation and interesting book reviews.

Estimating the Number of Microfinance Clients Who Crossed $1/day on 1990-2006: An example using Survey Data for Grameen Bank and BRAC.

Emilio Hernandez and Mark Schreiner

Result Assessment: Measuring the Impacts of Value Chain Development Programs

Navin Vivek Horo

An Evaluation of Food Assistance Program for Rural Destitute Women in Bangladesh

Newaz Ahmed Chowdhury

Keeping Track of the Social Missiom: Revelations of the Social Performance Indicator Tool at the Vietnamese Microfinance Institution TYM

Martin Schellhorn


Engendering Policy through Evaluation

Book Review

Conducting Assessments: Evaluating Programs, Facilities, Agencies and Organisations by Bob Frost


Real World Evaluation: Working under Budget, Time, Data and Political Constraints by Michael J. Bamberger, Jim Rugh and Linda S. Mabry