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We provide both customized and syndicated services towards developing capacities of various actors in the development change process. For over a decade, we have successfully trained more than 7,000 professionals in India, Africa, West Asia, South East Asia and Europe.

We use the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) for designing our trainings programmes. SAT puts the performance needs of participants at the center of the training event. The approach – an adaptation of the classical ADDIE (Analyze, Design Develop, Implement and Evaluate) model of instructional design – defines performance as a function of Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. If a performance gap can be bridged through training, the first step is to analyze the training needs based on which, a training programme is designed and implemented.

To ensure high quality and applicability of our training modules, we develop curricula by incorporating insights gained from assessment of training needs and evaluation of training outcomes.